This unknown series helps you sleep with scenes from Disney movies

Disney+ has one of the most diverse series ever designed to soothe our senses

One of the most unknown and surprising TV series we will ever see.

On Disney+ we have fantastic animated movies, all the Disney classics and many series and movies related to big franchises like Marvel or Star Wars. And in all your enormous catalog There is a small and unknown series that is a real gem designed for our relaxationIdeal for sleeping.

This is a Series designed to disconnect and stimulate our senses by visiting and listening to the best soundscapes of Disney movies. Each section focuses on an item such as: water, rain, night, nature or kindness. In this series there are only images and sounds, we will not hear songs or sounds, perfect for relaxation.

Disconnect, relax, and stimulate your senses with the soundscapes of Disney Animation’s Animazén. Whether it’s Raya and Sisu in the rain, the ocean calling out to baby Moana, or Baymax and the Beast turning human, these iconic scenes become a unique listening experience.

Animazén, the Disney+ series that helps you relax

HE Disney’s goal with Animazén is to create a series that an auditory experience with scenes from the movies. Timeless pieces from Walt Disney Animation Studios. Inside are scenes from over eighty years of famous films, from Disney’s first film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, to never-before-seen scenes from Raya and the Last Dragon.

The audio experience is absolutely amazing and designed to interrupt, soothe and stimulate our senses.. Relaxation videos are hugely popular, and with Disney+ Animazén we have a very thoughtful and well-edited option that enhances each of the sounds from Disney movies with incredibly well-animated scenes.

Animazén has two seasons complete. The first of these consists of 11 chapters, all of them have a duration. Between 4 and 7 minutesExcept for episode 11, which presents an extended version of Animazén’s first season, running 49 minutes. The second season consists of 9 episodes of similar length, and the final season is again a 46-minute extended version.

For only 5.99 euros per month you can enjoy Disney+ and enjoy all the content on the platform. classics Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and the amazing Animazén. If you usually use these types of videos for relaxation, Animazén is a series you will fall in love with. Its visual and audio experience is unique in the world, and there is no similar series on any other platform.

Source: i Padizate

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