Apple TV+ canceled the second season of the science fiction series Constellation

The creativity and commercial viability of productions pose a challenge for Apple TV+!

The debut of “Constellación” was expected to be one of the hits of 2024

Apple TV+ has produced a variety of original content across genres, from dramas to comedies and documentaries; But most importantly, significant investments have been made in science fiction TV series. However, the platform decided to abandon one of its latest bets. For this reason, Apple TV+ canceled the second season of Constellation.

Despite good reviews for “Constellation” or the first season of “Constellation,” which ended March 27, Apple announced the cancellation news without providing further details.

Apple TV+ bids farewell to one of its sci-fi series

Constellation, the new Apple TV+ series to be released in February

Constellation premieres in February 2024

Jo’s Story (Noomi Rapace), After experiencing a bad incident in space, an astronaut returns to Earth only to discover that important parts of his life appear to have disappeared.. The truth about secret stories about space travel is revealed. It will be action and exploration of human psychology, touching on dark passages.

Project Created and written by Peter Harness, starring Noomi Rapace and Jonathan BanksWith James D’Arcy, Julian Looman, William Catlett, Barbara Sukowa and Davina Coleman.

Science fiction is a core genre for Apple TV+ The series lineup also includes For All Mankind, which was recently renewed for its fifth season, as well as the spin-off series Star City. Establishment, Severance, Invasion and SiloAll of them are planned to return with new seasons.

Apple TV+’s sci-fi series was canceled after its first season It raises questions about the challenges and dynamics of the broadcast industry.

Although the platform has also achieved success with other series of the same genre Internal competition and required investment may have contributed to this decision. This cancellation highlights the complexity of the market and the importance of finding the right balance between creativity and commercial viability in original content production.

Science fiction is one step away from drama

Other proposals, such as ‘Foundation’ or ‘Fundación’, are not experiencing their best moments either. It was confirmed that during the filming of the third season, the production had to reduce its massive budget in order to move forward, so the project was postponed.

Just a few weeks ago, it was learned that the TV series “Severance”, starring Adam Scott and directed by Ben Stiller, did not have a release date, although it was confirmed that it was almost ready for a return.

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