The new trailer of ‘Surface’, a psychological and mysterious series that promises a mysterious plot, has already been released.

Apple TV+ is filled with quality series and contentIt is a production that promises to glue us viewers to the panels of our mobile phones, as in the films ‘Foundation’, ‘For All Humanity’ and, more recently, ‘Surface’.

‘Surface’ will be a psychological thriller that will premiere exclusively for the Apple TV+ service, and will contain a plot full of mysteries and great performances. The first trailer has already come to light, where we can learn a little more about this new production.

Surface Apple TV

Watch the new Surface trailer for Apple TV

The trailer for ‘Surface’ is out now.

Surface Created by Veronica West. and in the lead role Gugu Mbatha Ham (known from The Morning Show). This new production will be one of the great series that Apple has promised for 2022 to compete in the ever-intensifying broadcast war. You can see the preview below:

Gugu Mbatha-Raw plays Sofia, a woman who suffered a traumatic head injury that caused extreme memory loss. Sofia will have to deal with this problem, but also with a rather mysterious past. In fact, you can read Apple’s summary below:

As Sophie embarks on a quest to put the pieces of her life back together with the help of her husband and friends, she begins to question whether the truth she’s been told is the truth she’s living. With twists and turns and an unexpected love triangle, this sexy high thriller asks: What if you wake up one day and don’t know your own secrets? “The Surface” is a story of self-discovery that questions whether we are preprogrammed into who we are or whether we choose our own identity.

This psychological thriller will be available to all Apple TV+ subscribers From 29 July. At that time, 3 episodes will be released simultaneously, and then you can see one every Friday.

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