The company is not at its best. Lost a customer Netflix reaching 80,000 users who unsubscribed in the last quarter prompted the company to consider starting a rate with the ad. And it looks like you already have a partner for that.

The streaming giant has been looking for a company for a while to lead the ad for its new price with ads coming very soon. Now, it was the company itself that made a statement via its official blog. Collaboration agreement with Microsoft to manage Netflix ads.

In April, we announced that we would introduce a new lower-priced, ad-supported subscription plan for consumers in addition to our existing ad-free basic, standard, and premium plans. Today, we are pleased to announce that we have chosen Microsoft as our global advertising technology and sales partner.”. Indicate the company in the description.

Microsoft will help Netflix launch its schedule with ads

In this way, the streaming giant is putting the task of implementing advertising with ads in the hands of Microsoft in the next cheaper subscription method. for now We know pretty little about the idea of ​​Netflix’s new ratebut we can get an idea by looking at other services.

To start, Microsoft has extensive experience in the industry for implementing ads on all its platforms. That’s why Netflix’s choice couldn’t have been more successful. Rumors pointed to the possibility of acquiring the giant Roku as the company has a very complete streaming platform with ads, but in the end Microsoft was chosen for it.

As for how the cheap Netflix subscription model with ads will work, it will obviously have a lower price, so we can assume it will cost around 5 euros per month.

Regarding advertising, They will do something similar to what we can find on other platforms like Pluto TV or Tivify Free.: there will be an ad at the beginning of any content and depending on the duration of the movie or series you are watching, there will be different ad breaks lasting one or two minutes so as not to tire the viewer.

Finally, release date of new Netflix rate with ads It’s a complete mystery, but everything points to it coming at the end of the year, at least in the United States.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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