one of the outputs Netflix He discovered that to overcome his pitfall was to offer a subscription with ads at a lower cost. This may soften the future of the company by inflowing a steady amount of money, as well as a liquid one, as the number of subscribers is high. And therefore, investment insurance for advertisers. Well, it was known microsoft It will be associated with the streaming video platform, and everything indicates that it will be responsible for marketing the aforementioned.

In general, that wouldn’t make one think… but we’re talking about two big power firms, and in general, such combinations don’t usually come up, especially when money is involved. But the thing is, the association came into being. And this led to endless speculation about him. And all that needs to be said is that not everything that happens behind the scenes is known.

Could Netflix and Microsoft be after something else?

Obviously, nothing is known about it, but given the video platform at the moment not having your best moment and it needs funding yes or yes, the arrival of Microsoft could mean more than just managing ad entry (it will obviously charge a fee for it).

It’s possible that at the moment Netflix doesn’t have a reasonable target to bet when it comes to shopping – like MGM once on Amazon’s behalf or Warner on HBO’s – on the other hand, filming will continue. hand and the search for a partner means it has options. be a shareholder of video streaming service. And that’s not entirely unreasonable.

Microsoft logo in a building


It wouldn’t be strange to think that Microsoft has reserved that possibility when entering the association of being able to deposit a certain amount of money to own Netflix, especially if things don’t go particularly well in a few years. wouldn’t even it’s not strange that direct sales can finally be accepted. And in this, there is the experience of the Redmond company – not particularly positive, it must be said – because at that time it did something similar with Nokia and the use of the now forgotten Windows operating system for smartphones.

Does it make sense for Microsoft?

Well, much more than it seems at first glance. For starters, it would be a good way to get in. audiovisual market which, of course, is in the future and has no existence at the present time. It can also manage highly desirable franchises for the release of games on the Xbox platform. And all that, not to mention your audience grows exponentially And since it’s activated on VOD services today, there would be no particular competitive issue… and without prejudice to Netflix customers, because it would have to change – and they would also have a very strong company economically. platform.

Of course, the price would certainly be huge, because Netflix’s value, even though it’s not in its best shape (but it certainly is microsoft It is one of the few companies that has muscle for it). Therefore, collaboration for advertising may mean more in the future. And that doesn’t necessarily have to be bad, right?

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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