There are only a few days left until the end of August. If you are one of those who have an account Netflix, you might be wondering what the news prepared by the broadcast platform we are talking about. We will show you everything you need to consider and therefore, you should not miss it. september 2022.

Among all that will be released, there is a series that has received strong attention as it is one of the most successful on the platform and frankly everything is expected to remain the same, we are talking about its fifth season. cobra kai. You can enjoy new episodes on September 9 and we’ll have to see how the heroes face Terry Silver, who has become the big problem in the valley.

All premieres coming to Netflix in September 2022

Without further ado, we leave you the voluminous list with all the news the platform has. As always with this service, there are a number of topics to consider, among them. serials and movies you’ll be able to see it when you get back from vacation (so it’s always a relief to know it’s a good way to have fun). These are as follows:


Featured Inbox

you are not special: A production that arrives on the second day of September and a girl who has to live in a town where nothing interesting can be done, discovers that she has powers. Where do they come from? What can you do with them?

devil in Ohio: Premiere on September 2. It tells the story of a psychiatrist whose life changes by helping a young woman who has left a sect and therefore has all the problems that come with it.

our mother’s sins: A tension that leads some children to think that their disappearance directly has something to do with their mothers and new fathers because they see life in an apocalyptic way. But there are murders involved, and that changes everything. It premieres on Netflix on September 14.

Other posts of the month

  • Detox : September 1
  • Flirting as a family: September 2
  • Chef’s Table: Pizza: September 7
  • Narcosantos: September 9
  • Heartbreakers: September 14
  • Term: 15 September
  • Destiny: Winx Legend: September 16
  • Bling Rings robbed Hollywood: September 21
  • Iron Chef Mexico: September 21
  • Miami: Dream Renewals: September 21
  • Wanna Marchi: Italy’s telecon artist: September 21
  • Just for love: September 21
  • Easy money: September 22
  • Last up: September 23


Featured Inbox

neighbors: Stress causes the protagonist of this movie to take shelter in a town to avoid all the problems that come from it. What he does not have, of course, is a neighbor who will not let him rest in any way. This comedy is coming September 1st.

end of the journey: once on the ninth day road movies From the old days when a murderer threatened a traveling couple. Tension and action are equal parts, it’s a good way to spend an afternoon at home watching TV and enjoying Netflix.

Blonde: A biopic where you can see how Marilyn Monroe’s life was and especially the big difference between her personal and professional life. Everything is handled and documented very well, so it’s a good option.

Other posts of the month

  • The city of love: September 1
  • Troubadour Festival: September 2
  • Eva and Beba: September 2
  • Eva and Beba: Sentenced to dance: September 2
  • Eva and Beba and the ghost of the girls’ bathroom: September 2
  • Secrets of Sports: Race of the Century: September 6
  • Anthrax Attacks: September 8
  • out of breath: September 9
  • Wide Summit: September 14
  • Rematch Now: September 16
  • Eve Drift: September 16
  • Scandal! Wirecard crash: September 16
  • Patton Oswalt: We’re all screaming: September 20
  • Lou: September 23
  • Athens: September 23
  • Entergalactic: September 30
  • Rainbow: September 30

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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