you can have a player AppleTV at home and when combined with your TV SAMSUNG Don’t get the quality you expect. This is normal, as the Korean company’s Smart TVs use and Apple gamers have not allowed until now: HDR10+ use. Well, this is something that has just changed.

This standard allows you to enjoy colors in one high dynamic range, which makes it possible to see images much more realistically and therefore the user experience is much better. Developed by Samsung Amazon in 2017, HDR10+ is an open source work that has become very popular among manufacturers as its associated costs are virtually nonexistent. As a result, it’s surprising that Apple hasn’t used it before, but the point is, that’s not the case anymore.

“blaming” an update for the improvement of Apple TV

The arrival of the operating system tvOS 16 is the reason for the change. This new iteration of Apple’s work for its well-known player includes the long-awaited HDR10+ support, especially for those with a compatible TV like Samsung or other manufacturers like Philips, Xiaomi or TCL. Therefore, continuing the installation new firmwarecompatibility is provided by default.

Black Apple TV 4K Player


If you are wondering about Apple TV models that are compatible with the update, we have to say this. almost all existing You can install in the market. For example, you can do this on devices in the HD range and any device that offers 4K compatibility. Therefore, we are talking about a global solution that is very positive (provided that the popular content supports the standard we are talking about).

A new player is expected before the end of 2022

This is something that seems practically certain, without a particularly significant change in what it has to do with the design of the device and the remote control (Siri Remote). The processor that the new Apple TV 4K will use, A14 Bionic and data store will increase by up to 1 GB reach three concerts. Therefore, even the execution of games, everything would go more smoothly.

In conclusion, we are talking about a fundamental update, in which there will be some new options, but they should be about the increase in power, and not the fundamental changes in the player from the Cupertino company. As for the presentation date, everything points to this: end of 2022 It will happen when Apple takes the step we’re talking about.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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