Siri has been completely revamped on tvOS

A new experience is about to come with Apple TV 4K, thanks to Siri and tvOS 16. Those from Cupertino promise us to improve usage with functions where Siri will be available more than ever before.

By Mauricio Martinez on Apple TV

Apple surprised with the launch of new products via a press release, including a new Apple TV 4K with the A15 chip. This release brought the announcement of new updates for tvOS 16. The main character will be Siri as it will offer a renewed experiencewith new design and more accurate and personalized recommendations.

Siri gains more ground in tvOS 16

For users not used to using audio to interact with their Apple TV, Those from Cupertino assure that new updates will make it easier to use voice to control the device. It is emphasized that Siri can recognize each user’s voice, so if you use the Apple TV as a family it will be more than enough..

As for the redesign, you will see a card style in the interface. How will this be? With pop-ups that will appear directly in the lower corner of our TV. The design will be compact in such a way that it will not be invasive and will not distract us from what we see the moment we see it.

Apple TV 4K

The latest generation Apple TV 4K is a powerful entertainment system with a high-performance A15 Bionic chip.

No arrival date yet for new features

Siri Remote will be the tool where the user can get these suggestions.. Access to movies, shows, music, apps and games will be more interactive than ever before. Pop-up cards will show Siri the results we want so we can be more productive when viewing content without neglecting our requests.

These features will soon be available on Apple TV 4K modelsAlthough there is no estimated release date. It could happen next week with iPadOS 16.1, but it could be delayed. Whether or not Siri is fully ready for this type of feature has yet to be confirmed, we suspect it could be by the end of the year.


Apple TV 4K, the latest Apple model

Users who use Siri daily on their iPhone, iPad or Mac Even if this change is taken to the TV area, it will be completely normal.. Multitasking is more difficult for an entertainment device, given that the user can only pay attention to a single piece of content. Apple TV showed that we can perform various actions while viewing content.

Let’s remember, in her first responders with Siri, she can ask questions about the cast and actresses of a series or why not, about the current climate to know what to prepare in terms of drinks and food.

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