One of the frequent criticisms of Chinese television manufacturers is that they do not offer large models. since that time redmi They want to put an end to this idea and have announced a model with a really impressive panel. 86 inches. Also, it doesn’t lack resolution 4K.

The TV we’re talking about is the Redmi Smart TV X86 with stunning specs, and its price is definitely groundbreaking, as we’ll see later. We’re talking about a finished device Metal, manages to achieve a frontal usability of no less than 97%, since its bezels are so small. In this way, the dimensions it has according to its screen are quite inclusive because as we mentioned. 1.9 by 1.2 meters. There is nothing bad.

Other notable details of this equipment are the technologies that offer very good image quality, such as the motion stabilization itself. MEMC this ensures that the fluency is very good even in games. In addition, it does not lack compatibility with the integrated LED panel. Dolby Atmos and HDR10+so you will always see very accurate colors.

This is an excellent OS on Redmi

Used, how could it be a Xiaomi company otherwise, AndroidTV. It lacks MIUI TV customization. The thing is, it’s a lifesaver when it comes to being able to install all sorts of apps and very simple to use with your remote. You will find a processor inside the Redmi Smart TV X86 to keep everything running smoothly. quad core (with Mali-G52 MC1 GPU) and 2GB of RAM along with sixteen gigabytes to store what the user wants.

Front view of Redmi Smart TV X86


Another part that is well solved in this model is connectionOffering everything you need to access the internet and also not having to deal with cables all the time. The options are:

  • Wi-Fi Dual Band
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Ethernet
  • Two USB ports (one version 3.0)
  • Composite video input
  • Digital optical audio output
  • Two HDMI connections with ARC support

A little more detail of this TV … and an exorbitant price

It should be noted that the sound stereo reaching 20W offers power and compatibility with Dolby Atmos. This is perhaps the aspect where this Smart TV stands out the least, but it is true that it fits. In addition, since it does not have any problems in recognizing the voice, it allows the use of voice. participants Currently used, for example Amazon and Google.

The price is a real pass, all that must be said. you have to pay more or less 735 euros to change To get Xiaomi Redmi Smart TV X86. In this way, if you consider the quality and dimensions of the screen it offers, it is one of the most striking options. Time will tell if this model will reach Europe, but if it does it could become a bestseller.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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