Safe mode on Android TV: this is how this lifebuoy from Google is activated

If you are one of those who have a TV with an operating system android tv, you are definitely very satisfied with the options it offers (especially the user interface and the possibility of installing a large number of applications). However, as in all areas of technology, you may have a problem that you cannot solve due to the instability in which Smart TV works. To overcome this, safe mode we show you how to enable it.

Basically, what is done when using this tool that Google added to the operating system is as follows: Minimize features and software So you can say it starts with the basics (and if Safe Mode doesn’t work, you’ll have no choice but to reinstall the OS or call tech support). All in all, it’s a good way to check if something you’ve installed such as a game or multimedia application is causing the TV not to work properly. And if so, can you? take action about.

Steps to use Safe Mode on Android TV

This is something that’s as easy as a second to accomplish, as you won’t be running anything at risk, risking the operating system (or the TV itself). Therefore, if you find that the Smart TV you have is not working as usual, apply procedure To check if everything is back to normal with Safe Mode. And if it does, you already know that it’s the additional software that is giving you trouble, and you can start removing what you think might be faulty. This is what you need to do:

  • Turn off the Smart TV but by pressing the Power button continuously until you see the message that lets you choose the shutdown path. Select what is called reboot.
  • Now you will see an animation on the screen and at this moment you have to press the Volume Down button on the remote until you see the TV screen go black.
  • You will now see the Smart TV show you a message telling you that you are in Safe Mode and you can start the corresponding tests to find the culprit of the malfunction.
  • you finished
TV with Android TV


By the way, to exit Safe Mode on Android TV, you do not need to do anything complicated: just exit the TV normally, for example, using Settings or the remote control, and when everything turns on, you will return to normal operation. Some minor configurations may not be active and you may need to readjust, but this rarely happens and depends on the Smart TV model you have.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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