The battle for the streaming world isn’t over yet! Now it’s your turn YouTubeis the leading platform in this sense. Over the years, it has not ceased to be among the favorites of Internet users. However, like his reign, he is moving to other regions. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video anyone HBO Max. Despite that, YouTube didn’t throw in the towel or have the last word. Actually, the opposite is true.

According to information from The Wall Street Journal, YouTube is holding parallel talks with various companies and media from the entertainment and entertainment world. Purpose? Bring traditional television to your own streaming platform. That is, stream television shows, movies or even entire channels online. The model will continue to be the model YouTube has always had – namely with the ads – and it seems that the interest is so real that it is being tested for release this year.

What are YouTube streaming plans?

The truth is that right now YouTube already offers full movies with ads. For years it has also allowed the purchase or rental of audiovisual products. And even released his own special series. This will be another diversification of its vast region by hosting already established television channels and giving them a window into the billions of online consumers.

YouTube prepares its streaming platform with channels, shows and television series

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Interestingly, this business model has a name in the United States. It’s known as “FAST”, which basically means “streaming free, ad-supported TV”. It’s a model recently brought to Netflix, despite being questioned by countless subscribers and not yet airing. It is also built on consolidated platforms. i had, pluto tv anyone Roku. Therefore, YouTube is not his invention, but it is one of the most ambitious moves he has made in recent years.

The goal is to survive in an increasingly competitive market.

“We’re always looking for new ways to give viewers a place where it’s easier to find, watch and share content that viewers are interested in,” a YouTube spokesperson said. Information from The Wall Street Journal shows that the internet streaming giant is co-negotiating with companies such as: lion’s gate, Movie Rise Y A+E Networks.

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