A few days ago Google announced The new beta of Android TV 13, the next version of the operating system for televisions. The final version has a long way to go before it arrives on all compatible devices, but at least developers can start testing the new version.

It should be noted that Google has released a second beta of Android TV 13, but it can only be accessed in two ways: through an Android emulator or using equipment provided by Google and focused on developers. Therefore, we will not be able to update the news at this time. But you know them.

More than anything, because comrades of Android Police, Unravel the first secrets of Android TV 13 for smart TVs and media players.

The main innovations of Android TV 13

The truth is, this isn’t the first beta as it’s really the second. However, while the first version did not add anything new, this version brought some surprises.

we know that Android TV 12 will bring some of the most requested features by users. For example, the display will adapt to the refresh rate of the source to improve the user experience.

Also confirmed Android 12 for Smart TV will have 4K display support. In this way, all native applications and the interface of this operating system will be adapted to higher resolutions to improve the image quality,

But some much sought-after improvements remained in the pipeline. Fortunately, this new beta Android TV 13 brings good news. to start now will have a new standby mode to reduce energy consumption. Via a new API, the operating system will automatically enable this mode when an HDMI device is not giving any signal.

Another The main innovations of Android TV 13 We will see it in PIP mode. This mod was already available in previous versions, but it was not best adapted to large format televisions. And taking into account that sales of 65-inch and larger televisions are increasing, Google decided to implement an optimization so that Picture-in-Picture mode automatically adapts to all sizes.

Regarding the launch of Android TV 13, Android TV 12 is currently not available for most users, so we have to be patient with ourselves as the wait will be long.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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