Netflix has a new idea called ‘Mystery Box’, what does it offer?

Obviously Netflix users need to find new formulas to be happy on the platform. That’s why innovations, no matter how small, are always welcome if the offering is successful. Well, there is a new option for those who have kids at home, perfect for those who have an account.

it’s called ‘Mystery Box’‘ and as a gift, it offers users surprise suggestions perfectly tailored to what the little ones in the house can see. So, if you’re one of those people who rack their brains to find something to entertain them, this new option looks like it was designed specifically for you. Good news.

It’s pretty simple to work with, similar to what the random play currently available on Netflix offers. In other words, the execution of this new option shows the possibilities: adapt to children’s tastes -and where are the ones that have caught their attention taken into account-. And all this with a surprise box-like presentation that little ones love so much. Thus, it allows them to at least give the resulting movie or series a chance.

Things to keep in mind

First thing is that it works profiles created for kids, so those with adult access won’t see the new Netflix launch option. In this way, if you have children and do not have the aforementioned profiles, you will have to work to make them their own. Once this is done and you have identified the tastes of the fictional characters and the others they have, you will have everything perfectly organized.

Kids watching Netflix on a laptop


Once inside, in the section Favorites, one of the options that will always be available is the new ‘Mystery Box’. That way, whether you’re kids or yourself, you can pick it up when it’s convenient and wait to find out what the streaming video platform has chosen to pass the time. Nothing disruptive, true, but it’s not a bad idea that Netflix has, and finding something for the little ones in the many options is as boring as it is complicated.

‘Mystery Box’ Arrives on Netflix

Well, there’s good news here, because starting today, this innovation is rolling out to all existing customers of the service (from the one for TVs to the one installed on phones and tablets). Obviously, it will take longer in some areas than others, but several days should be on all sides. So you can live a little calmer while the kids are enjoying Netflix and always with age-appropriate recommended content.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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