Apple Watch, priced at $10,000, is now considered obsolete

Apple considers the first Apple Watch model to be outdated, including a very expensive option made of solid gold.

The most expensive Apple Watch in history is already obsolete for Apple

All first-generation Apple Watch models released in 2015 have been added to the list. old products From Apple on September 30th. AND These Apple Watch models include the incredible 18-carat gold Apple Watch Edition with starting price $10,000the change was more than 10,000 euros.

As reported MacRumors, Apple’s legacy products list now includes all products called Apple Watch Series 0Apple Watch comes in three versions: Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition, which uses stainless steel, aluminum and gold as materials.

gold apple watch

The most expensive Apple Watch is already out of fashion

$10,000 old Apple Watch

Apple considers a device obsolete if more than 7 years have passed since the company stopped selling it. The original Apple Watch was discontinued a year after it was announced in 2016, when Apple introduced the Apple Watch Series 1 and Apple Watch Series 2. So 7 years have passed.

Being classified as obsolete implies that: Apple will no longer repair the device and service providers will no longer be able to order spare parts. Therefore, if it breaks, it cannot be officially repaired.

Products are considered obsolete if more than seven years have passed since Apple stopped distributing them for sale. Monster branded Beats products are considered obsolete regardless of their purchase date.

Apple discontinues all hardware service for older products and service providers cannot order parts for older products. Mac notebooks may qualify for extended battery-only repair for up to 10 years from the last sales release of the product, subject to parts availability.

HE Gold Apple Watch probably wasn’t a success due to its high cost. Apple has never shared a percentage of sales, but the big change in strategy appears to be due to lower sales. The solid gold Apple Watch fell out of favor in 2016 and was replaced by the ceramic Apple Watch Edition, a more affordable “luxury” that starts at $1,299.

However The ceramic version of the Apple Watch shouldn’t have been so successful either and Apple has permanently stopped selling them. Now this more expensive special edition has been transformed into the Apple Watch Ultra. A larger, more durable device designed for extreme athletes. Of course, it is not as expensive as the gold Apple Watch Edition of that period.

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