AliveCor has sued Apple twice for antitrust for infringing a patent on EKG technology and copying original ideas about heart measurement.

a function Apple Watch may be infringing on a technology patent health, especially This is the ECG feature of AliveCor.. A judge ruled this possibility, and if approved, those from Cupertino would not be able to sell the Apple Watch in the United States.

Among the patents and patents, one of the most important of the Apple Watch will put it at risk.

The company is known for an accessory called KardiaBand that takes ECG measurements before the Apple Watch Series 4 comes out. The problem is, EKG was not a function that Apple had patented before..

AliveCor created the accessory and it was possible to connect via Bluetooth to an app in watchOS Irregular heart rhythms and atrial fibrillation measurements are part of this accessory to take these readings, and Apple now manages it on its own.

KardiaBand on Apple Watch

KardiaBand on Apple Watch

KardiaBand was forgotten after the launch of Apple Watch Series 4

AliveCor sued Apple twice, one for patent infringement before the International Trade Commission and the other for antitrust to copy and sabotage ideas and practices. Last month, a judge ruled that Cupertinos must face an antitrust suit. Regarding the patent, The decision was so strong that the Apple Watch could have stopped being sold.

How serious are the cases? If AliveCor proves all of the above allegations, the antitrust case will move forward. The only downside they will have is that it is not so clear that Apple has a monopoly on EKG smartwatches. KardiaBand was a complementary accessory rather than a smartwatch.

These are the countries where the electrocardiogram of the Apple Watch watchOS 7.6 is currently working.

Apple Watch EKG can detect more diseases

As time flies, it is known that AliveCor could not prove a patent infringement despite the judge’s determination in the patent case. Everything can be resolved on October 26, 2022 and the final decision will be made at the hearing.. The only Apple Watch that can record will be the SE, as it has no EKG.

Patents infringed 2, “Methods and systems for monitoring and scoring arrhythmias” and a proprietary patent from AliveCor, “Discord check”. Priya Abani, CEO of AliveCor, stated in a press release that she is confident that the decision made is a validation of her intellectual property.

Source: i Padizate

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