Apple Watch discovers a hidden tumor and saves a woman’s life

Apple Watch once again saved the life of one of its users

By Rodrigo SH on Apple Watch

in one of these interesting stories about applesWe found a unique experience for a woman who survived thanks to her Apple Watch. The blocking of his watch allowed him to recognize an artificiality in his heart so that he could act immediately before something terrible happened.

Here’s how the report provided by CBS News puts the Apple Watch back: hero of a shocking story.

Kim Durkee, a Maine woman, spent two nights in a row with notifications from her Apple Watch warning her that her heart ached. atrial fibrillationa type of abnormal heart rhythm that can be caused by poor blood pumping from the heart.

Although at first he thought it was poor reading of the clockThe next night, the Apple Watch recorded huge numbers, something that undoubtedly made Kim nervous.

“The third night the numbers were slightly higher than usual”said Kim. “So I said, you know what, if they say it’s nothing to worry about throwing the watch away, go to the ER.”.

To Kim’s surprise, the Apple Watch warned: a tumor This was blocking the blood circulation in his heart.

Doctors in Maine soon confirmed that his heart was beating irregularly for a simple and terrifying reason. He suffered from myxoma, a rare, fast-growing tumor that blocks the blood flow to his heart and can eventually cause stroke.“.

Faced with this situation, doctors took Kim to Massachusetts General Hospital, where they performed open-heart surgery to remove the deadly tumor. five hours.

Currently Kim is recovering, doctors reported that she would likely have become ill if she hadn’t gone to the hospital in time to remove that tumor, and considering that she wasn’t showing any physical signs of involvement to alert her. deadly consequences.

Kim showed surprise and gratitude for her own watch, of which she said only positive things. “It really saved my life”. This lawsuit joins other lawsuits. effectiveness and benefits What an Apple watch might have.

Apple Watch saves another life

Kim’s story joins others where the Apple Watch has saved users’ lives

Currently, Apple Watch is waiting for its new version coming very soon. Let’s hope Apple surprises and continues to deliver. features that help usersWell, it is rumored to be bringing a new body temperature sensor and rumors about its redesign have surfaced again.

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