Stolen AirPods lead to the arrest of a gang of thieves

The theft of some hearing aids facilitated the arrest of a group of thieves with long criminal records.

Stolen AirPods lead to the arrest of a gang of thieves
By Victor Sifontes on AirPods

Berkeley police reported that a man and a woman were arrested in mid-July, with an ongoing investigation into car thefts in different parts of the US San Francisco Bay Area.

Human intelligence has no limits

According to Berkleyside, Lieutenant Ray Allen Sheriff An official from Alameda County reported in a press release recently that a sergeant was investigating the aforementioned string of robberies and was wise. Used Find on a recently stolen pair of AirPods to find suspects.

Following the clue provided by the headset location tracking, the sergeant found the vehicle in the back of a Walgreens parking lot where passengers had disposed of some of the stolen items. The officer quickly recognized that the vehicle was the vehicle involved in the recent robberies sweeping western California.

Movie tracking thanks to a pair of AirPods

When the police tried to arrest the two people, they got in the car and fled, which created a spark. high speed chase From various parts of the Bay, including Albany, Berkeley, Oakland, Richmond, and San Leandro.

Faced with the possibility of losing suspects The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office sent a plane to follow the car.. The chase left without serious property damage – although the vehicle hit at least one vehicle – or injured after passengers left the vehicle to be later arrested by police in the Berkeley area.

Apple is helping the authorities again

This is not a novelty, new tracking options and equipment for this purpose have proven very useful in rescuing our belongings. In fact, we recently reported that a thief was arrested thanks to an AirTag, and how Ukrainian soldiers are using Apple’s Find app to find Russian troops who have stolen some devices.

However, this is the first time the theft of Apple equipment has triggered a high-speed chase or caught a group of thieves who haven’t directly stolen equipment from the bitten apple.

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