7 impressive new features of the Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra was introduced alongside the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch SE models.

By Sergio J. Ortiz on Apple Watch

Along with the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max without a doubt Apple Watch Ultra He was one of the biggest heroes of the “Far, more” event recently released by Apple. streaming Shot in Apple Park.

The Apple Watch Ultra is a much larger, more advanced and much more durable smartwatch than its generation siblings. It’s designed specifically for extreme sports athletes, sharing many of the Apple Watch Series 8 functions, but with some very impressive new features that set it apart from other smartwatches on the market.

We recently published the top 10 of the most interesting software features of the devices presented at Wednesday’s event and were able to see how many of them are related to Apple’s smartwatch. to watch The most striking news of the Apple Watch UltraTake care of them because… maybe they can save your life one day.

The most impressive news of the Apple Watch Ultra

A screen bright enough to prevent any reflections

Apple Watch Ultra

A bigger, more powerful and brighter screen

2,000 nits! Brand new Apple Watch Ultra, 2,000 bit maximum brightness. A real barbarism that will prevent any reflection while doing sports outdoors. It has the brightest display in Apple Watch history. It actually has a shine twice as big more than previous generations of Apple smartwatches.

To get some idea of ​​how bright the screen on the newly launched Apple Watch Ultra is, a sixth-generation iPad mini has a maximum brightness of 500 nits. The Retina display, which hides the sapphire crystal of the Apple Watch Ultra, is a marvel.

A powerful emergency siren

Apple Watch Ultra

User using Apple Watch Ultra emergency siren

Apple is doing its best to provide the features that the Apple Watch helps save lives with. One of the latest additions is the Apple Watch Ultra. Emits emergency siren up to 86 decibels can be repeated for hours. Sounds are warnings and secondary sounds emit a pattern that is universally recognized as SOS.

If you find yourself in danger, get lost or injured and can’t move, this new emergency siren on Apple Watch Ultra will call people in the area to come to the rescue. The emergency siren function is activated by holding down the Action button.

Brutal resistance to harsh weather conditions

Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra in snowy weather

If there’s one factor that fully characterizes the new Apple Watch Ultra, it’s its incredible strength and durability. We’re dealing with one of the greatest (if not the most) endurance smartwatches in history.

The smartwatch with the bitten apple logo signature continues to work even in extreme temperatures. in the harshest weather conditions. As Apple representatives pointed out at their conference, the Apple Watch Ultra is designed to continue working in the harshest environments and will operate at 100% in the following temperatures. -20º and 55º C.

Large screen for a better user experience

Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra promotional image

Another of the most interesting features of the Apple Watch Ultra is undoubtedly its screen. Apple, health, sports, messages, etc. implemented a much larger screen that would bring together much more data and information about Even at the risk of sounding negative, the bigger the screen… more complications (widgets) and of course better visibility.

In fact, from Apple they created a special sphere for the large screen of the Apple Watch Ultra, this is the “WayFinder” sphere, which a total of 8 screen complications and can be customized with a mountain, ocean and hiking. Appearance.

A Night Mode that looks absolutely monstrous

Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra Night Mode

Apple engineers probably noticed that when running extreme temperature tests on the Apple Watch Ultra, its red-toned appearance was brutal. Maybe – and just maybe – this is why they decided to add a Night Mode to the software that makes the smartwatch display appear with the following. reddish tones.

The appearance of the watch is impressive when Night Mode is activated. remove blue light In order not to change users’ vision. And if it looks this gorgeous in images, can you imagine how impressive Night Mode must have been at 50 meters in the Sea?

A car accident detection function

Apple Watch Ultra

Car crash detection on Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra is compatible with Apple’s new car crash detection feature. If previous generations of Apple’s smart watch have already saved lives, imagine how many lives this smart watch model, which is so durable and can detect if the user has had a traffic accident, would save.

Car accident detection function uses advanced accelerometer (High G-Force) and gyroscope (3-Axis) sensors detecting force pulses and determining if an accident has occurred. In case it detects a car accident, the function will take care of it. calling emergency services, send the exact location and notify each user’s emergency contact. All this automatically. By the way, it’s a function we hope you never use in your life.

According to Apple, car crash detection works with a wide variety of tools, such as: cars, trucks and SUVs. The functionality will be available in: Apple Watch Ultra, Apple Watch Series 8, iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

A water temperature sensor and depth measurement

Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra will last up to 100 meters underwater

There is no doubt that the Apple Watch Ultra will be the best companion for any diver and watersport enthusiast. Not only is it capable of immersion underwater up to 100 meters and the Oceanic+ app to collect data about the sea, one sensor to measure the temperature of the water and another to measure the depth.

Also, the Apple Watch Ultra has a certification. WR100 and a certificate EN 13319, universal standard certification for diving accessories. And as if that wasn’t enough, when a user introduces their Apple Watch Ultra under the sea, the Depth app starts to open automatically, providing relevant data such as water temperature, duration, maximum depth reached, and a long time.

The number of news, functions, and new features for the Apple Watch Ultra is huge, and yet we’ve left the weird feature in the air; Like the Oceanic+ app, the new Action button with function customization or its autonomy of up to 60 hours.

The Apple Watch Ultra will be available at: September 23 for the base price €999.

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