How to delete Audio Workouts from Fitness+ on Apple Watch?

If listening to your own ideas or working with a blank mind is your thing, don’t miss this tutorial!

By Gabriela Martínez on Apple Watch

There are only two possibilities when training, do it alone or in company. All things considered, Apple a feature on the Apple Watch called Audio Exercises. influential people tell stories at Walking Time anyone running workout plays audibly in Run Time. Of course, the half who prefer to listen to their own opinions or go with a blank mind, Remove Audio Workouts from Fitness+ on Apple Watch.

In the Workouts app on Apple Watch, Fitness+ subscribers automatically receive Audio Workout episodes, they appear at the top of the menu as they are released. In addition, their photos can occupy the Apple Watch screen during training sessions, interfering with the visualization of the training.

Turn off Fitness+ Audio Workouts on Apple Watch

To clean the Apple Watch screen and your ears, simply follow these steps:

Remove Audio Workouts from Fitness+ from Apple Watch* Open your app “Education.”* Swipe left on the card Voice Training.* Steal red X button appears.* tap To pick up to approve.

Time to Walk and Time to Run audio workouts will be removed from Apple Watch immediately. You can add them back to the exercise list at any time. By pressing Add Workout at the bottom of the list.

Delete Fitness+ Audio Workouts from iPhone

  • Open the My Watch app on iPhone and swipe to: Education.
  • Search for “time to walk”, Turn off the switch next to Add new workouts to view. Under “Time to run,” turn off the switch next to Add new workouts to view.

Episodes are automatically downloaded for Fitness subscribers, so it’s possible that some will take up unwanted space and be saved on your Apple Watch. To delete individual partitions, you must follow these steps:

Delete individual episodes on Apple Watch

  • open app Education On Apple Watch.
  • print Voice training.
  • Press i icon In the corner of the audio workout you want to delete.
  • Scroll down and tap To pick up.
  • to touch remove from library to approve.

delete partitions on iPhone one by one

  • open app Fitness on iPhone.
  • Tap next to “Time to walk” or “Time to run.” Show everything.
  • Select the downloaded partition you want to delete. It will be labeled as added.
  • Tap the three-dot icon •••.
  • to touch To pick up from my library

Apple audio workouts from now on will no longer appear at the top of the training type listand instead A list of regular dynamic exercises based on your habits will be displayed.

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