Microsoft’s vice president of communications Frank Shaw said Sony Interactive Entertainment (a subsidiary of Sony Group) lied to the EU antitrust regulator as part of the Activision Blizzard buyout case. The question refers to the release of the Call of Duty games on PlayStation.

Microsoft accuses Sony of misleading EU antitrust regulator

“I heard that Sony is informing people in Brussels that Microsoft is not willing to offer them Call of Duty parity if we acquire Activision. Nothing could be further from the truth than that,” Shaw told Window Central.

According to the NY Times, Microsoft has offered PlayStation a 10-year contract under which the Korean brand’s console will release Call of Duty games that are equal in terms of release, content, quality, and other parameters to the PC versions and Xbox.

“Sony is the leader in the console market and it would be against business logic for us to exclude PlayStation gamers from the Call of Duty ecosystem,” said a Microsoft vice president.

According to Shaw’s reports, Sony is concerned that Call of Duty, one of the biggest gaming franchises, will become an Xbox exclusive and doesn’t believe in Microsoft’s offer.

In January 2022, the American corporation announced the purchase of game publisher Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion. Late last year, the US antitrust regulator demanded to block potentially the largest deal in the history of the gaming industry because, according to the agency, it would disrupt competition in the market.

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