This General (right) Chavista Hugo ‘el Pollo’ Carvajal refused to testify before the Colombian Supreme Court of Justice on Friday morning, April 22.

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In a chamber of the Spanish Court, Carvajal was questioned in the presence of members of the Sixth Investigation Court of Madrid and summoned by magistrate Cristina Lombana. The allegation that Gustavo Petro’s campaigns were financed by the Hugo Chavez regime and later by Nicolás Maduro.

TIME identified this for the first time Carvajal stated that he has nothing to say either before the Spanish or Colombian justice system as he is in the process of extradition to the United States.

Trial convened after ex-Chavez army He assured many leftist candidates in Latin America, including Petro, that he had evidence that money from regime corruption had been delivered.

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His statements led the Historical Pact candidate to demand that these unions be investigated.

Carvajal came into the courtroom, elegantly dressed, with his Spanish lawyer and listened intently to Judge Lombana in the presence of the representative of the Public Ministry. However, she complained that she was forced there.

In fact, Petro’s lawyer was able to answer two questions from former magistrate Julio César Ortiz.

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“Do you know or have any connection with Mr. Gustavo Petro?” ‘ Ortiz asked. And Carvajal has said for the first time that he will not testify in Spain or Colombian justices as he is in the process of extradition to the United States.

Despite this, Ortiz insisted: “Do you have direct or an intermediary or hearsay that Mr. Petro received money for his campaigns?”

And again he got the same answer.

“Mr Carvajal declined to comment on Gustavo Petro”former magistrate Ortiz told EL TIEMPO as he left the two-hour trial at the protocol facilities.

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Carvajal said that with the plunder of Venezuela, he found a way to prove that a strategy was in place to spread the germ of the Chavista left in many countries, including Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and Colombia.

61, He pointed out that the Venezuelan state oil company (PDVSA) was the regime’s “little coin” and with its funds, “between 100,000 and 200,000 euros were delivered” to the Podemos leaders.

This and other contributions, he said, were carried in diplomatic bags covered with tape that customs did not examine.

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When I was director of military intelligence and counterintelligence, I received numerous reports that this international funding was taking place. Specific examples: Néstor Kirchner in Argentina; Evo Morales in Bolivia; Lula da Silva, Brazil; Fernando Lugo in Paraguay; in Ollanta Humala, Peru; Zelaya in Honduras; Gustavo Petro, Colombia; Five Star Movement in Italy and Podemos in Spain. In a document released by Carvajal, OK Diario, they were all listed as recipients of money sent by the Venezuelan government.

To this is added Diosdado Cabello, The second man of the regime openly said that Petro went to ask them for money for his campaign.

Minutes after EL TIEMPO announced the result of its meticulous work, the Petro campaign sent out a statement on the matter.

“On the trial of Pollo Carvajal:
The senator and the nominee had asked that Mr. Hugo Carvajal’s statements at the time that he received money from Chavismo for his 2018 campaign be investigated. At the hearing held today, where he refused to testify against Petro, he stated that he would not do this either in Colombia or before the Spanish justice system, that he did not trust the National Court and was taken by force. testify.

The non-declaration of Pollo Carvajal means that there is no evidence against Petro and this would be another way (like many others) to attack Gustavo Petro and hinder his presidential campaign.”

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But Carvajal said he has evidence that the regime is funding various candidates in Latin America. And close friends of the former general assure him that he will use it to benefit in the United States, where several years in prison are awaited.

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Source: Exame

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