Apple emphasizes Apple Watch once again as a powerful health tool

The company has issued a press release on the subject.

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Apple will support new health research with Apple Watch

Apple recently launched a new Press release the company boasts apple watch and highlight health functions. And the smartwatch with the signature of the bitten apple logo has a very special functionality that not many competitors have: it has the ability to save lives.

In fact, Apple Watch notifications recently saved the life of a user who had a heart problem after his heartbeat accelerated while taking a nap.

Apple Watch supports new health discoveries

Apple has released a press release titled “Apple Watch Opens New Frontiers in Heart Health Research,” highlighting some of the smartwatch’s most exciting health features, such as l.Heart rate notifications, irregular rhythm alerts, history of atrial fibrillation, aerobic fitness level, or electrocardiogram system (ECG).

The company reports that the Apple Watch “opens the door to new findings from medicine and research.” He started a new program called Apple. Researcher Support Program It is a program where Apple Watch devices are offered so that research teams can continue to try different health-related areas in their scientific studies.

“Over the next few months, Dr. Conyers and his team at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute will begin investigating the sensitivity level of the Apple Watch ECG app in 40 children and adolescents. From there, the team will look for ways for these patients. They can have their EKG done anytime, anywhere.”

Apple Watch will also help research: consequences of environmental disasters and climate change in society, especially in the health of people who have experienced a natural disaster closely.

Apple Watch heart rate sensors less invasive It allows for more comprehensive and more extensive testing and research than typical medical equipment, as well as individual precision analysis of the health data provided by Apple Watch.

On the other hand, it is planned to start an investigation for more than 300 patients over the age of 65. atrial fibrillation. They will receive an electrocardiogram with Apple Watch every three weeks to help discover signs and new symptoms of this disease.

Source: i Padizate

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