Apple Watch Series 9: What’s new in the new 2023 smartwatch

According to the latest rumors, these are the innovations that the Apple Watch Series 9 will contain.

Apple plans to launch Apple Watch Series 9 in September 2023

Apple plans to launch the iPhone 15 series and Apple Watch Series 9 If all goes as planned, at a special event in September 2023. The company usually updates its smartwatches every year, and this year is not expected to be an exception.

There are many rumors floating around the net about it. Possible innovations that Apple Watch Series 9 could include. Initially, Apple is expected to focus on improving the battery of the Apple Watch Series 9, but it will also improve many other aspects of its next-generation smartwatch.

All news about Apple Watch Series 9

Apple has already begun planning future development of functions, features and news for the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2. But not all of them will be available in 2023. These are some of the technologies where the Apple logo signature has been bitten. apple is working

  • Micro LED display: According to recent rumors, Apple plans to adopt micro LED technology in the screens of future Apple Watch models. This technology is superior to OLED displays and will completely revolutionize the market with more vibrant colors, much higher brightness, viewing angle improvements and better energy efficiency.
  • A larger display panel: The company is also working on a new version of the Apple Watch with a 2.1-inch display, an innovation that will come with micro-LED technology.
  • Non-invasive blood glucose monitoring: They will introduce a new health function from Apple to measure blood sugar levels in their smartwatches, but when that will come is still unknown.


Until now, a processor with a remarkable performance improvement has not been found in the last generations of Apple Watch. The S8 chip in the Apple Watch Series 8 the same performance as the S7 chip in the Apple Watch Series 7, and no significant performance gains are expected this year. chip S9level, although energy efficiency.


Apple is gradually updating all the products in its catalog with the latest Bluetooth standard, just like the Apple Watch Ultra last year. So, one of the biggest innovations of Apple Watch Series 9, Bluetooth 5.3.


The smallest improvement to the processors of the Apple Watch Series 9 will have a positive effect on the autonomy of the smartwatch. Although no big change is expected, we know that Apple’s main premise is to improve battery life from all your devices.

Release date

This is one of the things Apple almost never changes. The Apple Watch’s launch has always been after its September presentation, so we’ll see it this year. Apple Watch Series 9 announcement in September and launching a week or two later.

Additionally, to end with the news about the Apple Watch, we currently don’t know if Apple plans to introduce a second-generation Apple Watch Ultra or a new Apple Watch SE this year. But for now, everything indicates that we will have to wait until 2024.

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