User loyalty to Apple Watch is at an all-time high

Apple Watch has the highest satisfaction rate in the smartwatch market.

A new survey has revealed that the Apple Watch is the smartwatch that most satisfies its users.

The Apple Watch is one of the most popular wearables in the world. However, that’s not all, as this smartwatch remains a favorite on the market, and a survey revealed thatUsers of this watch are very satisfiedIt supports why iPhone users should buy an Apple Watch.

Although there are several options for users to access a smartwatch, Apple Watch most requested, but also the most successful at retaining customers. This acknowledgment is reappearing in a new report released by Global Tech Industry analytics firm Con Housing, one of the most trusted advisors.

Many reports of this company are highlighted Provides highly accurate information on market behaviorand this case is no exception. In its latest report on wearable consumption data, the Apple Watch is rated as the smartwatch that users enjoy the most.

That’s right, 80% of iPhone users who wear watches tend to buy smartwatch from AppleExceeding the 71% loyalty rate of Android users with Pixel Watch and 40% of Samsung smartphone users with Samsung Galaxy Watch.

What do smart watch users prefer?

Between Key features users look for in a smartwatch There’s activity and health monitoring, access to notifications, messaging and calls. Older users are more interested in health features, while younger users prefer notification and messaging features.

curiously Apple Watch meets these needs And so, more than 70% of users of this smartwatch are “very satisfied”, so much so that 82% of those surveyed who own an Apple Watch revealed that they use it every day.

About shopping habits 59% of those surveyed had purchased their smartwatch last year, and 50% planned to purchase a new model within the next year, while 16% said they would upgrade within the next two years.

There is no doubt that Apple Watch is one of the most profitable Apple products And all thanks to the technological innovations that the company surprises with each new model. Currently, watchOS 10 is expected to come with major interface changes.

Source: i Padizate

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