Apple Watch Series 9 will improve its processor for the first time in years

Apple plans to significantly improve the hardware of the Apple Watch Series 9.

Apple Watch Series 9 will have great news at the hardware and software level

Everything seems to indicate that watchOS 10 will contain great news for the Apple Watch. In fact, there are those who say that this will happen. The operating system with the most changes in the entire Apple ecosystem when the company announced all the software news at WWDC23 on June 5th at Apple Park.

And to accompany all these new software features, Apple plans to include a major hardware-level improvement. Specifically in terms of performance, with what is said to be first advance in processor speed in many years.

Apple Watch Series 9’s S9 processor will be based on the A15 Bionic chip

As Mark Gurman recently noted via Discord, the next Apple Watch Series 9 will include: A new processor based on the A15 chip Used in the iPhone 13 series and containing improvements to the core models of the iPhone 14.

The Apple Watch Series 8 practically used a chip. same as S6 chip It was implemented in the Apple Watch Series 6, as Apple’s smartwatch operating system does not require more power.

Apple A15 Bionic Chip

Apple’s A15 Bionic chip is still a real beast

This information seems to confirm that The news to be introduced in watchOS will mark the before and after In the history of the Apple Watch operating system. According to Mark Gurman, the new S9 chip in Apple Watch Series 9 will be based on the A15 Bionic chip and will offer great speed in its performance.

Apple Watch Series 9 will become a smartwatch higher efficiency, higher stability and higher processing speed from the market. However, at the design level, no significant changes are expected compared to the previous generation. Theoretically, its launch will take place in September 2023, along with the presentation of Apple’s iPhone 15 series.

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