Like Colombian influencers Liendra, Yina Calderon and Aida Victoria Merlanobecame a victim of strict rules. instagramway to lose their verified accounts several times, because the company thinks about it violated security policies.

Parent company Meta audits and researches the behavior of its users based on the interactions of each of them on the social network. This means reach, comments, posts, stories and compatibility with your buyers, among others if you offer any sales service.

However, review filters to detect inappropriate use of the platform are not always ranked by the same system, but are reported by other users.

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So the same The Community has the authority to report the content that it thinks violates the principles of behavior, such as a comment that promotes racism, hatred, or other content that affects their integrity.

That’s why it’s important to know the most relevant situations where your Instagram account can be closed in order not to lose your followers.

In accordance with Meta’s security policies, photos, videos and duplicate stories that show explicit sexual acts such as nudity or pornography will be censored.

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that means Images of the genitals and close-ups of the tail and female breast areas are also restricted.except when represented in immobile objects such as paintings or sculptures.

Another of their security policies is the cancellation of posts and accounts that promote violence and threats against a certain population or other users.

According to the newspaper ‘La República’, any interaction or publications that promote blackmail, harassment and violate community integrity, Your Instagram account may be temporarily or permanently disabled for your sexual identity, race, nationality, religious beliefs and other reasons.

If the platform detects that your user is being reported frequently by other accounts, the system continues to suspend the user for not being able to manage the account.


It’s worth remembering that Instagram reports when the accounts violate the security rules regarding the content posted on it, as a warning to prevent the user from continuing this behavior.


Source: Exame

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