This AirPods They have undoubtedly revolutionized the world of technology. wireless design and adaptive equalizer that promises surround sound.

Apple has sold millions of these devices since its launch in 2016 because, according to ‘Slice Intelligence’, one in four US buyers chose the brand’s devices just one year after their release.

Given its enormous impact and, let’s not say, high cost, there may be some replicas of the devices on the market.

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So if you are thinking of buying some AirPods, you must consider certain features before you can determine its validity.According to the qualifications described on Apple’s official hearing aid page.

Original AirPods come in high-quality packaging with a well-designed and professional look. pay attention to detailssuch as the quality of materials, printing and accuracy of logos and branding.

These devices are made of high-quality materials and have a flawless surface. If the earphones are light, flimsy, or have obvious defects in their construction, they may not be genuine.

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According to ‘Tech Edison’, the tech channel with more than 30,000 subscribers on YouTube, it should be Carefully examining the Apple logos and cases on AirPods. These should be sharp, well defined and correctly placed, but subtle in their minimal style. There you will find engravings of quality certification by the European Union.

Original earbuds have a unique serial number located on the charging case. You can verify its validity if you have the original packaging next to the barcode.


AirPods have a price set by Apple. These are more likely to be fakes if you find them for a significantly lower amount compared to official retailers, or if you buy them from unauthorized or dubious places.


Source: Exame

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