In recent years, Instagram has undergone a remarkable evolution since its launch in 2010.It has become one of the most influential and popular social networks in the world.

With its focus on visual content and a number of innovative features, the platform has managed to attract millions of users and changed the way people connect, share and discover content.


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Meta Verified Instagram is a service that allows users to pay a fee to verify their account on the Meta social network. issues a verification badge.

This badge, which will appear next to the user’s name on their profile, is used to verify the authenticity of the account and can increase credibility and confidence in the information posted.

On the other hand, the official page of ‘Meta’ is currently “Meta Verified” is expanding worldwide for people over 18 and is not yet available for businesses.

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According to the official Instagram page, with Meta Verified you will get:

Additionally, Instagram states: “Meta Verified” subscriptions can be used by appropriate personal or professional profiles on the social network. In this case, company profiles cannot request subscriptions at this time.

On the other hand, the benefits of the ‘Meta Verified’ subscription may change at any time as the social network improves the users’ experience.

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Instagram mentions this for subscribing to ‘Meta Verified’ on Instagram, the user must be at least 18 years old.

In addition, it is important to note, access to subscription benefits may be disabled or canceled at any time if you violate the Social Network’s Terms of Use or Community Standards.

Therefore, your Instagram profile must meet these minimum requirements:

Initially in Latin America, the subscription is available in countries such as Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil. Therefore, it is expected to reach other countries in the region, including Colombia, soon.

Therefore, it should be noted that the brand has not specified when it will officially implement this function in the country and other parts of the world.

However, heThe social network has created an option for the user to join a waiting list, so when a new subscription arrives, the user can identify their presence and reinforce their community with “Meta Verified”. In addition to accessing exclusive benefits for $37,900 per month.


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