Three new earthquakes were recorded in the country this 1 and 2 July. They occurred between 9 pm and 5 am, according to the Colombian Geological Service.

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The first occurred at 21:33. Its magnitude was 3.1, and its epicenter was eight kilometers from the municipality of Santander, Los Santos. The depth this time was 148 kilometers.

In its place, The second tremor occurred at 04:37, with a magnitude of 4.1.. It was less than 30 kilometers deep and was located 13 kilometers from Meta Vista Hermosa, as local residents reported.

The third, at 5:14 am, had a magnitude of 3.1 and a depth of 149 kilometers, with the epicenter again in Santander, Los Santos.

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Google uses its “ShakeAlert” system, a network of 1,675 seismic sensors, to detect shakes. The app analyzes the sensor data to determine the location and magnitude of the earthquake.

“Android earthquake warning system It is a free service that detects earthquakes around the world and can warn Android users before the shaking starts.“, explains the tech giant.

The option works for free and its main purpose is to support the authorities and people to prevent deaths in these natural events.

This is step by step to enable earthquake notifications according to Google support:

1. Open phone settings.

2. Press ‘Safety & Emergency’ and then ‘Earthquake Alerts’.

If you can’t find ‘Security & emergency’, press ‘Location’ then ‘Advanced’ then select ‘Earthquake alerts’.

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Source: Exame

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