Presidential Government Gustavo Petro (full cabinet) signed the Economic, Social and Ecological Emergency decree for La Guajira for a period of 30 days.

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TIME KNOWS Keep a close eye on the decree signed by President Petro and the ministers headed by Interior and Defense.

“Article 1. Declare State of Emergency “Economic, Social and Ecological in the department of La Guajira in both urban and rural areas” for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of entry into force of this decree, read in the document.

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“Article 2. The national government will exercise the powers and obligations set forth in Article 215 of the Political Constitution, Law No. 137 of 1994, and other provisions necessary to avert the crisis.” read in the decree.

Article 3 says for itself: In addition to the measures described in the review section of this decree, the national government will take all necessary additional measures by decree laws to prevent the crisis and prevent its effects from spreading.. Likewise, it regulates the budgetary transactions necessary to realize them.

Among the reasons for the government to declare a state of emergency, “The severe humanitarian crisis that the La Guajira department is going through is due, among many other factors, to those already mentioned, lack of opportunities, corruption, climate change, droughts, dispersed population, and in particular contingency measures, plans and programs: to guarantee access to services. The basic needs of the population have not been effective since the EKI was announced by the Constitutional Court. Despite the usual actions taken by the current government since August 2022.”

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Moreover, It turns out that the phenomenon of migration also played a role in the serious crisis. Passing through the La Guajira department.

“In this context, Migration Colombia, in the department Since the political crisis in Venezuela, it has created different urban settlements whose population corresponds mainly to Venezuelan and Colombian immigrants returning from the neighboring country. Of these settlements, ‘La Pista’ stands out, given the social and economic situation of the municipalities in which they are located, with thousands of inhabitants, most of whom live in poverty and an extremely vulnerable situation. As Maicao, Riohacha, Uribía, Manaure and Fonseca, “It complicates La Guajira’s social problems and has a greater social impact than the rest of the country,” the decree said.

other justifications The state of emergency in La Guajira relates to decisions taken by the IACHR and the Constitutional Court.

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“For the department La Guajira investment projects have been developed by the organizations that make up the Nation’s General Budget, allocating funding resources such as (i) Resources from the Nation’s General Budget, (ii) General Copyright System. SGR, (iii) General Participation System – SGP and, (iv) International Cooperation Resources”, the document reads.

This The decision will be reviewed by the Constitutional Court.

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