The relatives of Lizeth Rogelia Carranza said their last goodbyes at a funeral. The 26-year-old girl died from a chest wound after a sharp weapon fight with another woman in Alaska’s Ibagué neighborhood.

(In context: She was the woman who died in a fight in Ibagué: the family expelled her with a painful burial).

As recorded by a security camera, the two met in the middle of a public street on the morning of July 2, before the parade for the San Pedro festivities.

They attacked each other in seconds, in front of the eyes of the other young people who only intervened when they saw themselves bloody. Carranza went out after the shootout, but disappeared on the same street soon after. Neighbors took him in a taxi to San Francisco Hospital, where he arrived without vital signs.

Instead, the woman he encountered managed to stabilize at another hospital. defined as Ana Gabriela Segura Gutiérrez, who lost an eye due to the severity of her injuries.

“After leading a fight on public roads (…) he was caught red-handed by National Police personnel (…) and took the life of a 26-year-old woman in the midst of it,” the police report said. Tolima Prosecutor’s Office.

(In context: in Ibagué the fight between women ended in tragedy: one died, the other lost an eye).

According to the investigative body, The fight was “motivated by alcohol intake”. The two of them should have been chatting minutes before the tragedy.

Segura was charged with murder. The Prosecutor’s Office requested an insurance measure in prison, which was approved by the judge.. However, he remains in the hospital “due to the delicate injury to his face”. They are waiting for discharge to enter prison.

The woman faces a heavy sentence for the murder she is accused of. According to the Penal Code, He can be sentenced to imprisonment from 208 months to 450 months, that is, from 17 to 37 years.

Lizeth Rogelia Carranza, 26, graduated last April as a nursing technician. She was also the mother of a child.

(Also: tragedy of a motorcycle incident in Ibagué: one dead and many injured).

One of his friends was upset about this situation and questioned under what circumstances he died: “They let you die, gossipers did not help you at all. (…) How sad to see you lying on this street” .

“Fly high, I will always remember you,” another friend wrote.

In the words of his relatives, ‘Lichi’s funeral took place on July 5th. His relatives, accompanied by a large caravan, expelled him, arguing for the punishment of the stated aggressor.


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Source: Exame

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