If you are interested in applying for citizenship in countries such as Portugal or Spain, We tell you that although there are many opinions about this process, There are both pedigree and business connections that can facilitate this process through Sephardic or Democratic Memory laws: About what?

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EL TIEMPO met with Javier Jaramillo, founder of Colombian law firm Pro Corp. It’s a fact that gives detailed information about the subject and that may excite many people: In some cases, there are procedures. Democratic Memory Act and granting citizenship that can be resolved in less than a month.

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This Sephardic law seeks historic compensation for Jewish communities that have been wrongfully persecuted or expelled from the Iberian Peninsula. Therefore, those who prove Sephardic ancestry may be of Spanish or Portuguese nationality; However, from the first moment September 2022, the requirements of this law were changed in Portugal.

The main change introduced is that applicants They must provide certificates or documents proving their ties to Portugal through ownership of Portuguese real estate or lifetime regular travel to that country.


According to Jaramillo, the process of applying for Spanish citizenship through the Democratic Memory Act It requires the collection of necessary documents showing a family relationship with a person born in Spain. This includes birth certificates, marriage certificates and other relevant documents proving family relationship. The son, grandson or, in special cases, great-grandson of a Spaniard born in Spain.

In the case of proving this blood affiliation, you must provide the names of the parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and great-grandparents, and they, as certified genealogists, study the ancestry to see if there is any connection.

LThe deadline for application under this law is until October 2024, Therefore, the advice of the lawyer is that if you want to apply for citizenship, do so as soon as possible.

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It is important to note that the cost of the procedure can vary depending on different factors and the costs associated with obtaining the required documents.

In order to have accurate information about the costs of your process, it is recommended to contact expert consultants who will verify the situation individually.

In addition, the period of granting citizenship varies according to the situation. The process may take between months or up to two years.

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According to Javier Jaramillo, there are no countries that grant citizenship by surname only. “Regarding Sephardic Law in Portugal, it is worth noting that it was never based on surnames, but on lineages. To apply for this law, a bond of Sephardic origin had to be demonstrated.”.

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As of September 1, 2022, the requirements of the Sephardic law in Portugal have been amended; This means that in order to apply for Portuguese citizenship in this way, an effective and permanent connection with Portugal, either through patrimonial evidence or evidence of frequent travels, is required.

But, There are other legal ways to obtain residency in Europe or European nationals because you can apply for non-profit residency in that country in addition to the Democratic Memory Act in Spain.

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It should be noted that in the Portuguese case, if granted citizenship, citizenship will have the opportunity to live and work in any of the 27 countries of the European Union, as well as have access to European rights such as pension and social security, as well as participation in political life, among other benefits.


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