On the night of Tuesday, July 11, a SITP driver stabbed while doing his job and using a system bus. According to preliminary reports, The transporter was attacked when it overtook a group of teenagers trying to sneak in.

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The incident occurred between the Molinos and Diana Turbay sectors in the town of Rafael Uribe Uribe. route covered by the driver. According to the videos taken by eyewitnesses of the incident, the driver, who was completely shocked by the attack of the cast, was stabbed in the left arm.

There was panic at that moment, because after the attack of the cast, the driver lost control of the bus and began to slide down a slope in the field.

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“They give it, take the car”Witnesses to the events shouted, seeing everything from a pedestrian path.

In the face of the aggression of the black-jacketed criminal who was going to stab him, the people around tried to mediate to defend the driver, who had to use the fire extinguisher.

The driver who was attacked told Citytv that he was traveling in Molinos in the Los Puentes region and did not want to pick up some criminals. “A man jumped to break up my bus and stabbed me out the window with a knife.”sort of.

Meanwhile, Bogota Police inspector Colonel Sergio Bayona announced that there were four people on the bus. Encountering this situation, the driver demanded that they pay the fee, while one of the men threw himself on the transporter and injured him with a sharp weapon.

There is a warning in the system due to the severe wave of robberies affecting the passengers. One case occurred this Monday when a SITP bus passed through the neighborhood of La Fragua in the town of Kennedy, south of Bogotá. There, five robbers got into the car, in which the twelve passengers were staying, and took all their belongings.

The incident takes place right after the mayor’s statements. claudia lopez, questioning the private operators of the transport system. He pointed out that neither drivers nor companies are interested in stopping the non-payment phenomenon.

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“Stealing tickets and taxes from those who pay is harassment, lack of civic culture and violation” The President said on Twitter.

The mayor also said the following about this phenomenon: “But The reason we will be renegotiating these contracts is the reckless attitude of the driver and private operator. Operators always win, without any shared responsibility to avoid accidents, theft or any quality of service guarantees”.

On the other hand, TransMilenio stated that it is working on strategies to prevent wage evasion on four fronts: infrastructure, control, monitoring and characterization of smuggling and citizen culture.

In addition, plans are being made with the operators to implement an infrastructure in the turnstiles and make it difficult to escape from the crossing.

With information from Citytv Night Owl Kevin Díaz

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Source: Exame

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