In order to increase transparency and user control, Meta has revealed details on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems work They categorize content on Facebook and Instagram platforms.

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New vehicles introduced to the market, It allows users to better understand and customize the content they see in these apps.

Every day, billions of people use Facebook and Instagram to share important moments, connect with people with common interests, and discover content they love.

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Thanks to AI, each user’s experience is unique and personalized. deciding what content to show, based on users’ own judgments and feedback.

Meta’s artificial intelligence predicts how relevant a post might be to a user and puts it before others. This process based on various estimates and in user feedback collected through surveys.

To be more transparent, Meta has released 22 “system boards” that explain how their AI systems work. the predictions they make and the controls users can use to customize their experience.

Moreover, Meta has released new tools to customize the user experience. On Facebook and Instagram, users can customize controls that affect the content they see.

For example, Instagram is testing a feature that allows users to specify: If you are interested in a recommended Reel to get more similar content.

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Users can also check “Manage Your Feed” on Facebook and “Recommended Content” on Instagram to have more control over what they see. Moreover can switch to a chronologically ordered Feed, or add people to your Favorites list to make sure you always see content from your favorite accounts.

In an effort to open research to more people, Meta also publishes more than 1,000 AI models, libraries, and datasets so researchers can harness its computing power and conduct their research openly and securely.

Finally, Meta will release a new suite of tools for researchers: Meta Content Library and API. This allows researchers from qualified research and academic institutions to search, discover, and filter data from public posts, Pages, groups, and events on Facebook, as well as public posts and account data from creators and businesses on Instagram.

*This content was rewritten with the help of artificial intelligence based on information from Meta and reviewed by a journalist and editor.

Source: Exame

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