At noon on Thursday, August 17, A powerful 6.1 magnitude earthquake with epicenter in Meta It was felt in different parts of the country, including the city of Bogotá.


Following the emergency, Idiger confirmed that seven buildings were inspected as a priority, along with the Bogotá Fire Department and the Mayor’s Office:
​ ​

-World Trade Center
-Carrera 11 to Calle 82
– Titan Plaza Shopping Center
– Centro Mayor Shopping Center
– Teusaquillo Town Hall
– San Cristobal Town Hall
– Calle 152 with Avenida Boyacá.

There were a total of 178 reports for buildings to be verified. The mayor reported that “fortunately nothing structural so far”.

Titán Plaza shopping center wrote on its social networks: “Fortunately we have not affected our visitors, customers, tenants, suppliers or collaborators. The Mall is already operating normally, we thank our visitors for their understanding.”

(You can read: Concussion in Colombia: photos and videos show the evacuation of thousands of people in Bogota).

World Trade Center officials assured that the photograph of the expansion in construction circulating in the networks already exists and therefore does not have a significant impact.

“Visual inspection of the façades, verticality has already been done and there is no risk or pretense in the structure. Formal communication is being made to ensure complete calm.”

Idiger if citizens They come to find pretense somewhere, they have to report it to 123.

Mayor Claudia López assured her on her social networks that “the only serious incident reported was when a woman in Madelena was thrown into the void from the tenth floor of her apartment, apparently due to a nervous breakdown.”

We accompanied those who were at home with him with the health teams. We offer our condolences and solidarity,” he said.

The President also instructed citizens to follow the instructions below in case of a new aftershock or a new tremor:

1. Evacuate by stairs. don’t use elevators

2. Go to the nearest designated meeting point at the next evacuation.

3. Report any pretense to 123

4. Keep calm and follow the instructions of the authorities.

Tremor is not predictable. Be vigilant and calm and follow the instructions of the authorities (…) Hugs to everyone,” he added.


Source: Exame

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