Minister Gustavo Peter This Saturday, he ordered the work of the master Fernando Botero, the dove of peace, to be transferred to the National Assembly Building to be in the room where the deceased artist’s body was located in the combustion chamber.

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The President said, “I have instructed that the dove of peace, his work, accompany Teacher Fernando Botero during the commemoration ceremonies. It is now beginning to be transported to the National Assembly Building on the Avenue of Honor.”

He then noted: “The date of his death, September 15, falls on that day, but the statue was donated to the national government in 2017.”

The head of state was scheduled to attend the Botero tribute this Friday, but his agenda was cancelled.

The proposal to transfer the iconic peace dove donated by the teacher as a show of support for the peace agreement reached with the former FARC guerrilla was commented on by former president Juan Manuel Santos when he attended Congress on September 22. attending memorial services.

“I suggested they bring the pigeon to accompany Maestro Botero these days. It would be a nice touch,” he said.

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Source: Exame

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