Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for the Internal Market, stated: manzanaLike other digital giants, it faces the challenge of opening up to its rivals.

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During the day, Breton held a meeting with Apple’s CEO Tim Cook and discussed with him how the digital giant is complying with the strict regulations of the Digital Markets Act (LMD).

At LMD’s urging, the European Union (EU) included Apple in a select group of giant companies subject to strengthened regulations and controls.

As a short note, Breton pointed out that “Apple and other large technology companies’ next task under LMD is to open their doors to competitors.”

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“Whether it’s e-wallets, browsers, or app stores, consumers [teléfono] “Apple’s iPhone should be able to benefit from competitive services,” he said.

Breton said he and Cook had a “constructive discussion” about Apple complying with DML rules.

During the meeting, Breton showed Cook his personal collection of cell phone charging cables, according to a short video posted on social media.

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One of the rules by which Apple can continue to sell iPhone phones in the European bloc is the end of the Lightning charger and the adoption of a universal USB connector for charging the battery from 2024.

European consumers spend a total of about 2.4 billion euros (about $2.8 billion) a year on cables and adapters used to charge their mobile devices, according to the EU.


Source: Exame

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