To do Is it worth waiting for Black Friday to buy an iPhone? This is a very common question among those interested in purchasing the Apple mobile phone, the latest version that the manufacturer has launched in Brazil at prices of up to R$ 14,000.

Faced with such high prices, many consumers tend to wait for Black Friday, which often brings attractive discounts, in the hope of finding a cheap iPhone. This year the event will take place on November 24, the opening of the Christmas shopping season.

Keeping this in mind, TecMundo He’s gathered important information that could be helpful to anyone considering waiting for Black Friday to buy an iPhone. Check out!

Considering Black Friday, is the event in 2023 worth the wait?

iPhone 13 was among the most sought-after products on Black Friday 2022. However Those who expected the event and the drop in phone prices were disappointed. After all, the discounts weren’t that big.

The value of the iPhone 12 varied by an average of 34% in terms of promotion. Model 11 was also a favorite of those who did not want to spend a lot of money on a phone but still wanted a mobile phone with iOS and good performance.

As of last year’s launch, there were no such significant price drops on the iPhone 14. After all, it was the #1 apple company at the time. The same will be true for the iPhone 15 and its entire lineup in 2023.

Ah, it is worth highlighting a problem that has been frequently encountered in recent years: Prices increase ahead of Black FridayThe incident has already become the butt of jokes among internet users who have started calling the incident a “Black Scam”. In order not to fall for jokes when faced with problems, it is very important to conduct detailed research on the values ​​​​implemented before the promotion.

What are the iPhone prices in 2023?

That being said, if your desire is to invest in Apple’s latest smartphone, there may be some disappointments as you wait for significant discounts. However, it may be possible to find lower prices in retail stores. So pay attention!

Previous versions appear as alternatives especially for those who want to save money. HE For example, the iPhone 14 can be found in retail at prices starting from R$ 4,500, while the price of the iPhone 13 is on average R$ 3,800.

Looking for a cheap iPhone?  The SE 3 model is a good option.

The iPhone 12 version currently starts at R$ 3,300, while the iPhone 11 starts at R$ 2,800. Therefore, it is useful to follow these prices and analyze whether the prices will be lower in Friday’s promotion.

Prices may change until Black Friday 2023, so do your research and check prices in advance before purchasing. You can check iPhone price history for the last six months on the TecMundo comparator.

What is the best iPhone to buy in 2023?

To find out which version best suits your profile, you need to look at the specifications as well as the prices. If you value camera and autonomy iPhone 14 and 15 Pro It may be the most suitable model because it has a 48 MP sensor and the longest battery life.

The Pro Max version has the best camera and largest battery in the iPhone.

Do you prefer a more compact mobile phone? The mini versions of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 are good alternatives to the iPhone SE, which has smaller screens and is cheaper. Storage, amount of memory, and processor are other factors that need to be analyzed.

It is also worth paying attention to this Compatibility with iOS 17, the latest version of Apple operating system. According to Apple, the software is supported by all models starting from the iPhone XR.

Compare iPhone prices

At TecMundo Comparador you can follow the price history of various products, including Apple mobile phones! Here are some suggestions you should pay attention to:

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Source: Tec Mundo

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