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Increase your productivity and efficiency with these tools designed for electrical professionals.

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With his valuable skill in the world electrical and wiringElectricians are constantly looking for tools that will make their job easier. Fortunately, technology has come to the rescue of these professionals and applications ready to meet their needs in the field. And of course they are also available for iPhone.

These tools not only simplify complex tasks electricians face every day, they also Increase the efficiency and precision of your work from the comfort of your mobile phone.

So, if you are an electrician looking for technological tools to help you succeed in your craft, this article is for you. The complete guide to finding the most suitable apps.

Applications for electricians on iPhone

  • iCircuit
  • Electrical Calculations
  • Two Thirty Volts
  • Energy Cost Calculator
  • Electrotechnical Package
  • Ohm’s Law Calculation
  • Voltage Drop Calculator
  • Electric Formulator

Whether you’re looking for accurate measuring tools, reference guides, or ways to organize your work, these are Applications for electricians It is designed to meet all your needs.


iCircuit- where creativity meets cutting-edge technology

iCircuit: where creativity meets cutting-edge technology

iCircuit One premium app for electricians Those who want to efficiently design and simulate electronic circuits. With this application you will be able to: Build and test circuits in a virtual environment before implementing them in reality.

With it you can discover how electronic components behave and how they interact in a cycle to facilitate problem solving and project planning.

Additionally, you can learn about: component properties And electrical laws while you work on your projects. One price 14.99 eurosbut it is quite complete for workers in this region.

Electrical Calculations

Unraveling the mysteries of Electrical Calculations - your essential guide

Unraveling the mysteries of Electrical Calculations: your essential guide

Electrical Calculations is a highly specialized application focused on helping you perform precise electrical calculations quickly and easily.

From calculate resistance and power This platform is a virtual toolbox for electricians to determine the wire gauge needed.

Additionally, the system allows you to solve electrical problems efficiently and ensure safety in your projects.

Two Thirty Volts

Two Hundred and Thirty Volts - turning ideas into light

Two Hundred and Thirty Volts: Turning ideas into light

Two Thirty Volts It is a versatile application that provides access to various electrical problems It is very useful for students and professionals.

You can use it to make load calculations, calculate voltage dropsfind the resistance in the conductors, electric chargeelectrical circuits, electric current, safety, symbols, fonts and more.

Additionally, the application includes: LED calculator This will help you choose the right lighting for your projects.

Energy Cost Calculator

Plan your expenses - basic energy cost calculator

Plan your expenses: basic energy cost calculator

This app is a valuable tool to help you calculate energy costs regarding your electrical projects.

You will be able to estimate how much it will cost to power your devices and equipment, which is essential for budget planning.

In addition, you will be able to compare different energy sources and energy efficiency of your systems.

Electrotechnical Package

Discover the power of electrical engineering with the Electrotecnia Pack, your complete guide

Discover the power of electrical engineering with the Electrotecnia Pack: your complete guide

Electrotechnical Package It is an essential tool for students and professionals in the field of electricity and electronics.

You can do it differently with this calculations and conversions It is related to electrical circuits and electrical parameters.

Moreover calculate voltage, current, resistance and power It will help you easily solve problems in your work or studies.

You can also: Determining voltage drop in a circuit and calculate the characteristic impedance in parallel and coaxial configurations. All this from the convenience of your iPhone and price 5.99 euros.

Ohm’s Law Calculation

Explore the world of electricity - Ohm's Law Calculator Calc

Explore the world of electricity: Ohm’s Law Calculator Calc

Ohm-Calc Law another Best apps for electricians on iPhone. You can make calculations on the set of calculators. voltage, current, resistance and power quickly and accurately.

This tool is invaluable for students and professionals. Additionally, you will be able to learn and apply it. Basic concepts of Ohm’s Lawsimplifies electrical troubleshooting and circuit planning.

And if that’s not enough, the system also additional options such as: calculate voltage drop and convert kVA to amperes on single-phase or three-phase systems.

Voltage Drop Calculator

Your solution to electrical problems - Voltage Drop Calculator

Your solution to electrical problems: Voltage Drop Calculator

Besides being one of the best apps for engineers, Voltage Drop Calculator perfect for Accurately calculate voltage drop in an electrical circuit.

In this sense, calculations will be made taking into account. cable size, distance and charging currentIt allows you to design efficient electrical systems.

Moreover Optimally size cablesTo ensure safe operation by minimizing energy losses.

Electric Formulator

Creative energy - Discover the power of the Electric Formulator

Creative energy: Discover the power of the Electric Formulator

Electric Formulator It is an iOS alternative that you can make different calculations dealing with batteries, BTU conversions, costs, kilowatts, Joules, generators, impedance, motors, Ohm’s Law, transformers, voltage drop, and wiring.

You can also determine the required amperage. engine startCalculate the number of cells required in a battery and estimate operating time.

And of course you can analyze operating costs, evaluate the usage of the devices and calculate the time required to recoup the investment in a new bulb. A lot complete and versatile and is available for iPhone and iPad.

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