The guitar is a versatile string instrument with great harmony. Because it works for all kinds of tonality, from flamenco to romantic and even rock when interpreting.

Learning to play may be the dream of many, but due to time or money this can sometimes be a difficult wish to fulfill. Because the budget is not enough for one instructor. or because you don’t have a suitable space to practice.

However, there are also cheaper or completely free alternatives that can help you learn different things about the guitar. as well as allowing you to work on the go and without having to stick to a schedule.

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If you want to start your learning independently and asynchronously, these apps are the option to start or continue your studies with the string instrument based on user ratings in the ‘Google Play’ store.

In this application you can find the chords of many songs to practice with the instrument. To use it, you simply register and log in via one of the options provided by the ‘app’ itself. to sync the account with a social network such as Facebook and Gmail or with your own user.

After creating the profile, you can search for the song you want in any mode, ukulele, guitar or piano. Here you will see the structure of the chords each song has as it is played. According to the official website.

This platform is a great tool because its interface recognizes the chords or real-time of any song you have on your device, whether it is well-known or just a demo. This analyzes the audio signal and identifies individual notes Identify the chords played according to the special portal ‘American Songwriter’ and then determine the chords.

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Similarly, in addition to showing the consumer how to play the melody, the platform also shows the exact moment at which the melody should be interpreted. Using resources such as time and tone, tablature and chord arrangement.

This platform developed by JoyTunes is a perfect option for beginners as it tracks the entire learning process in much more detail.

Determines musical tastes from the beginning and It also creates more detailed goals that the student can meet. according to their learning.

It’s a benefit that’s complemented by the courses the app has internally for subscribers, but will ultimately come at a cost based on their progress.

It’s worth clarifying that each ‘app’ can be downloaded for free from both the Google Play store and the App Store, but in case you want to adapt some other extra functionality, you have a ‘premium’ option. amount.


Source: Exame

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