smart watches These are digital devices with some functions. telephone mobile, however, it is designed to be worn on the wrist only.

They typically have a touch screen and can be used to perform a variety of tasks, such as telling the time. check notifications, make and receive voice calls, track fitness data, oxygenation and even heart rate.

In fact, there are more complex ones that include a camera and GPS for video calls, allowing the user’s location to be known as long as they are connected to another device that can track them.

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An advantage when it comes to children, Considering that this allows you to track your location and provide details of their location. whether they are going to the park with their friends or walking home from school or a lot of other factors.

According to security firm ‘Sophos’, the purpose of smartwatches is to allow caregivers to determine the geographical location of their children. These devices can also be more useful than phones because they are cheaper and less likely to be lost, given their ergonomics.

While it is true that smart watches can be suitable as gifts for children It is important to consider various factors before deciding to implement this technology.These include how vulnerable this device might be to cyberstalking.

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According to a report by the Norwegian Consumer Council (NCC), these accessories They could not always guarantee the safety of children in the face of a danger sign. Well, it turns out that the GPS alerts or SOS panic buttons that some of these models come with don’t work as promised.

This led the organization to discover that cybercriminals could take control of smartwatches with a few simple hacking steps.

“Due to the lack of security of the devices, spies can listen to a child, talk to him/her behind the parents’ back, take photos using the watch’s camera, follow the child’s movements, or give the impression that the child is somewhere else.” Gro Mette Moen, NCC’s acting director for digital services, told the BBC in 2017:

There is currently no guarantee that digital criminals will not be able to access this product with just a click, as they remain vulnerable with just an internet connection.



Source: Exame

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