Three days before regional elections in Colombia, Authorities dealt three decisive blows to criminal organizations within the framework of the so-called Democracy Plan.

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First on the Villavicencio-Puerto López road, A man was caught with 35 million pesos in cash and a person was caught with 45 IDs in Risaralda.

But the most important blow was So far the incident has occurred on the road from Meta, Granada, to the municipality of Fuente de the same section.

At a checkpoint A pearl blue Super Carry truck type vehicle was stopped in the middle of the road where only the driver was traveling..

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After the vehicle is seized AK-47 and M-16 rifles were found hidden inside; 8 suppliers, camouflaged uniforms, 200 5.56 caliber cartridges, administration materials, pamphlets from FARC dissidents, and the Historical Pact calling on the Meta Assembly to vote.

Despite While the driver or owner of the vehicle was not identified in the police report, EL TIEMPO examined the car with plate number DYO271, This is from a current candidate seeking to be elected president in San José del Guaviare.

According to the documents in this newspaper’s possession, Since February 16, 2013 Super Carry appears for Luis Gonzaga Acevedo Vélez.

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About He is the candidate of the Independientes party, whose president is Daniel Quintero, the former mayor of Medellín.

About Acevedo Vélez He is known to be the owner of the famous Gasollano service station in Villavicencio.

The company was part of some of the assets affected by the loss of ownership of Acevedo Vélez. However, according to SAE’s decision dated March 2016, the property was returned to the businessman.

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According to that file, Acevedo was investigated for his alleged links to former paramilitary chief Pedro Oliverio Guerrero, alias CuchilloHe died in a police operation in 2010.

Also in the process of extinction Businessman and today’s candidate condemns claims demanding money to stop petrol station from disappearing.

EL TIEMPO has researched and found the current candidate He is involved in various companies in San José del Guaviare and Villavicencio.

Appearing among the list of signatures Disco Bar La Glorieta, El Provider Service Station, Estadero La Glorieta and Buchanans Tavern.

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EL TIEMPO contacted candidate Acevedo. He admitted that the car actually belonged to him. And after asking several times what should be done, he said he was recording the conversation and would report it to the police.

But, He did not answer whether his vehicle was in the hands of third parties. or if he knew the origin of the weapons.

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