It’s no secret that going shopping requires a lot of time. Choosing products, comparing prices and even taking the risk of trying a new product It takes a few hours as you receive a free sample or it is recommended to you.

Choosing fruit, choosing grains, and searching for cleaning supplies is a process that can take more than half a day. Although this task is necessary, there may be times when there is a lack of time and it is not possible to allocate the necessary hours to this task.

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However, there are alternatives you can do to avoid going to the store or commercial establishment. For him, You can use several online supermarket apps It is a product that currently allows you to make all kinds of online purchases with just one click and is delivered to your door.

This platform offers the opportunity to purchase all kinds of products from the Colombian family cart. From vegetables, fruits and vegetables to items for your pets.

To use it, you just need to create a user and save the information data such as address, contact number and payment method required by the platform. Where you can choose whether to opt for delivery or not on each order, by dataphone or in cash and also digitally via credit card or PSE system.

In addition to being offered as a website, this platform can be used on mobile phones with iOS or Android operating systems and also has a mobile version.

This ‘app’ does not offer its own market, but rather offers businesses the opportunity to run the market for you. The user selects products from the catalog that the platform provides from selected stores according to the website, so advisors can process purchases and then deliver them to the desired location.

Your payment system also records card or cash but processes two payments; the first, which is usually 85%, and 15% after the purchase, According to the economic newspaper ‘La República’, in order to have a better organization and to guarantee the achievement of possible discounts.

This application may be a good option for those who like to shop in the square. Fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and nuts such as walnuts are presented here according to their catalogues.

The ‘application’ was born as an alternative to buying such fresh products from home, similar to farmers’ markets. You have the opportunity to choose it in any condition you wish, whether green or ripe, and at an affordable price.. This only has a mobile version and can be downloaded to any device from Google Play or the App Store.

Source: Exame

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