Yandex plans to introduce the updated Alice before the end of the year. The company is already testing a beta version and promises to “release something new.”

Yandex will present the updated Alice at the end of 2023

Yandex promised to present an updated version of its own voice assistant “Alice” by the end of 2023. Dmitry Masyuk, head of the Yandex search and advertising technologies business group, spoke about this, TASS reports.

Masyuk noted that the beta version of the new “Alice” is already being tested. By the end of the year, Yandex plans to “launch something new and show exponential growth,” he added. Masyuk did not reveal other details about the project update.

Previously, Yandex built a new generation LLM model in Alice with the “Let’s figure it out” skill. In March, Yandex introduced its YandexGPT neural network to Alice.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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