Elon Musk stated this.

The owner of the platform continues to work to make X an application where users can perform different transactions from the same place, from sending messages to shooting videos, making calls and making payments.

In an internal meeting of the social network, which The Verge had access to, Musk shared his vision for ‘X’, and the company’s CEO, Linda Yaccarino, noted the pace of innovation they were achieving on the platform, saying: “There’s nothing like it IT.”

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‘X Dating’ feature aims to help users discover “interesting people” It can significantly improve the online dating experience based on what you write on the platform.

In addition to this dating feature, Musk talked about advances made in ‘X’ last year, such as improvements to live video streaming; These developments will be especially true for “sporting events, political events, and people who are ‘Them.’ ‘We’re really there,'” Musk said.

Community growth and the creator program were also highlighted as key focus areas of the platform.

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Another notable feature is ‘X Hiring’, which allows verified organization accounts to advertise vacancies directly from their profile on the social network, rivaling LinkedIn in the job search space.

On the financial front, ‘X’ is working on a payment platform feature that Musk described as follows: Transforming the platform into a “financial centre”. The idea is that users can manage their money directly from ‘X’, eliminating the need for a traditional bank account. This feature is expected to be available in late 2024.

“This isn’t just about sending $20 to my friend. I’m talking about you not needing a bank account,” the businessman said.

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Elon Musk sees ‘X’ as an all-in-one platform that will encompass all these features. He likened the vision of ‘X’ to the Chinese messaging app WeChat, which combines messaging services, online payments and social media on a single platform.

To date, ‘X’ has over 500 million monthly users and records around 500 million posts per day and receives over 100 billion impressions per day.

Additionally, the platform continues to attract approximately one million new users per day, demonstrating its continued growth in the market.

With these ambitious initiatives, Elon Musk is determined to take ‘X’ to a new level and turn it into a ‘super app’ that meets a variety of user needs in a single space.

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Source: Exame

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