With a statement, Opponent of Iván Mordisco announced that they have suspended their participation in the Central General Staff dialogue tables Due to the situation in Algeria (Cauca).

(In context: Military personnel were kidnapped in El Plateado following threats from FARC dissidents).

In the statement of the opposition group of the vanished FARC, it was said: “We declare that, as of today, the dialogue table and agenda agreed upon between the Colombian government and the Central General Staff are suspended.” By agreement with the group, they leave the table for consultations. However, they announced that the bilateral agreement continues.

In the statement, Argelia talked about the State’s alleged non-compliance with what was happening in El Plateado, the rural district of Cauca. The opposition group claimed its military presence in the region.

“The incompatibility is complete, the militarist vision continues to be privileged over social intervention, the army must leave the areas as promised. However, the reaction was to increase the force, seize all the areas occupied by the parties. In the letter they stated that the Colombian State did not comply with this, “we promised to evacuate ” they commented.

(Also: FARC opposition leader voiced the uprising in El Plateado with threatening messages).

They even assured that there was a “danger” that the negotiation table with the National Government would “definitely” break down.

As they put it, we are “fully ready” to reside “in any place on the national territory, on a date and at a time” agreed with the authorities.

They said it would “only be possible” to restart talks “The document in which the state undertakes to comply with each of the agreements”“Decrees, protocols and commitments adopted within the scope of the Dialogue Table”.

In this sense, they will start a series of internal consultations with dialogue commissions in the process. They even invited the Government delegation to “do the same”.

(You can refer here: Cauca: Tension in rural areas of Algeria due to rebellion against the Army).

“The bilateral ceasefire continues as agreed,” he said in his statements.

It is worth remembering that the ceasefire was declared as of October 17. According to the agreements, it will be in force for three months until January 15, 2024.

The outlaw group’s announcement comes amid tensions arising from the National Army’s presence in the Cauca town of El Plateado.

Authorities reported that FARC dissidents in the region were threatening the public through voices to start an uprising against the military units.

(Also: ‘I expect maximum responsibility from all EMC warriors’: President Petro).

“Cars, motorcycles, clicks and anything that can be moved, take it off, the car that looks like it’s working and doesn’t move people, the car we lift and the car that looks damaged, the car we lift. “Let the whole world go,” is heard in one of the messages attributed to the opposition.

Following the harassment, part of the El Plateado community forced the soldiers to leave the town by putting them in trucks. Actually, A group of uniformed men were kidnapped in the countryside and later released.

Military Forces Commander General Helder Fernán Giraldo went to the region “In order to address the public order situation occurring in the area and take strong measures to guarantee the safety of communities,” the military said.

– Secret Army memorandum implicating a general with the ELN and the opposition.

– Eln president Antonio García says kidnapping Luis Díaz’s father was a ‘mistake’.

– Laura Sarabia expresses her solidarity with Luis Díaz and wants ‘freedom for all now’.


*With information from JUSTICE EDITORIAL

Source: Exame

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