Cleaning can be one of the most physically taxing tasks people face in their daily lives. That is why for several years now the market has been flooded with robot vacuum cleaners that automatically sweep, disinfect and even mop floors.


Robot equipped with five RGB cameras It works through a real-time location and mapping system of the surface it rolls on.and it promises to detect and clean up any little mess it finds, whether wet or dry.

According to the launch trailer, its technology allows it to adapt to its environment so it can distinguish between toys and debris. Moreover, Find out where important landmarks like the main litter box are locatedand claims to be completely silent.

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The most important aspect that provides a competitive advantage is operating locally. It ensures the privacy of its users is protected as it does not require an internet connection or cloud storage..

Additionally, according to tech news portal ‘What’s New’, Matic is able to respond to gestures and commands created by its owners, such as “Matic, clean that” or “Matic, come”, and thanks to its ability to adapt, understand your users’ habits and create personalized routines.

As if that wasn’t enough, the square structure and size of its wheels allow the robot to navigate much more fluidly than the disk-shaped robots currently in common use.

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To test this, the developers tasked Matic with cleaning up the streets of the always turbulent New York City; He seems to have succeeded in this task because the last line of his advertisement was: “If you can clean the city” he never sweeps… sorry, he’s sleeping, he can clean any house.”

The product is estimated to go on sale in March 2024 and will have a (discounted) launch price. $1,495 (approximately COP 6,000,000)and the non-discounted price of $1,795 (approximately COP 7,300,000), an amount that is an obstacle for many potential buyers.

However, the technology it uses and the undisputed advantages it has over its competitors seem to justify Matic’s high price.


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Source: Exame

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