When you prepare to sell, give away or trade in your iPhone or iPad, it is very important to transfer your information to the new device and, if necessary, delete your personal information from the old device.

Transfer Information to New Device:

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Procedures for the New Owner
– Ask to delete all content and settings.

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Metrics in iCloud
– Use iCloud.com/find to delete and remove the device from your account.

Change Apple ID Password
– If you cannot delete the contents of the device, change the password to protect your data.

Canceling iMessage and Apple Pay
– Disable iMessage if you switch to a non-Apple phone.
– Delete Apple Pay information on iCloud.com.

Cancellation of AppleCare and Removal of Trusted Devices.

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It’s important to know how to back up and restore your device, as well as how to deal with situations where your device is lost or stolen.

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It will also be useful to know how Activation Lock and Apple Trade In can turn your device into something beneficial for you and the planet.

Note that ‘erase content and settings’ will remove everything from your device but will not affect your content in iCloud. Keep your information safe by following these steps before you give your iPhone or iPad into someone else’s hands.

*This content was rewritten with the help of artificial intelligence, based on information received from Apple, and reviewed by a journalist and editor.


Source: Exame

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