Adobe Lightroom has become a great tool for photo and video creators!

Over the years light room Adobe has been an excellent program for editing photos, but that has changed. Last update, 5.4 for Mac and 7.4 for iOSnow lets you edit videos. This feature adds familiar photo editing options such as cropping, adjusting color and exposure, and applying optimized presets to videos.

In total, update 50 new options available when editing images and videos. Adobe believes that this innovation both in formats and “Get consistent aesthetics in both photos and videos.”

What’s new in Lightroom for iOS and Mac

Adobe Lightroom has been updated and can now edit video

Lightroom can now edit video

New among innovations AI-based settings which allows automatic changes as in photos and allows us to edit the sky or the subject in the photos. there is also this slider To control the intensity of a preset

The must-have option for red-eye removal now finds and automatically remove red eye with one clickand a new Compare view lets you compare photos side-by-side.

More advanced users often use the Invert Mask option, which allows you to invert masks at both the group and component level, and now Select Duplicate and invert masks.

Also, masks Select Sky and Select Subject AI can now be copied and pasted to other photos and will be automatically recalculatedso you don’t need to manually apply new masks to every photo.

This long-awaited option will definitely make life easier for photo and video creators who can take advantage of Lightroom’s fast workflow and image editing controls.

Like all Adobe programs, Lightroom is available with a paid subscription Within the Creative Cloud options. Lightroom (1 TB) 12.09 euros per month. Lightroom and Photoshop (20 G) 12.09 euros per month. And Lightroom and Photoshop (1 T) for 24.19 euros per month.

Source: i Padizate

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