Geekbench of the new Mac mini shows how superior it is to its predecessor

They’re putting the power of the revamped Mac mini to the test!

Apple has introduced two more powerful versions of the Mac mini M2 and M2 Pro.

Apple may have delayed the launch of the Mac mini until January of this year, but with its launch soon this week, it wasted no time comparing its most interesting innovation. Performance of versions with M2 and M2 Pro processors compared to M1, released in 2020.

Of course, the Geekbench test result of the updated model was higher than the Mac mini M1, and They achieved speeds that Apple had previously said were unachievable in such a small unit.

Comparison of Mac mini M1 and Mac mini M2

This The Mac mini with the M2 chip has an 8-core CPU (4 for performance and 4 for efficiency) and a 10-core GPU. on his behalf M2 Pro chip has 10 core CPU (6 performance and 4 efficiency) and 16 core GPU. Both versions have 16 core Neural Engine.

With Mac mini for base model M2 processor, single core performance improved 18% from 1651 to 1951. But the power of the M2 chip really comes into play in multi-core usage. Here the score increased from 5181 to 9003, an improvement of 73%.

The M2 Pro is essentially the same as the base M2 in single-core performance, but reaching 15013 in the multi-core test, 66% faster than the M2 and 189% faster than the M1.

Incorporating the M2 and M2 Pro overall, the Mac mini faster performance, more unified memory, and enhanced connectivity, including support for up to two displays on the M2 model and up to three displays on the M2 Pro model.

This year’s new Mac mini, A base price of 719 euros as of January 24, 2023, although they are already available for reservation.

In practice, the power of the Mac mini 2023 is, in both its offerings, Speeds up fast-paced tasks like video editing in Final Cut Pro. Specifically, the M2 model can simultaneously play up to two 8K ProRes 422 video streams at 30fps or up to 12 4K ProRes 422 video streams at 30fps.

Learn more about the 2023 Mac mini in the following Apple video:

Source: i Padizate

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